How do I cancel service?

This process is in place to verify that cancellations come from an authorized person. Service can not be canceled by phone, e-mail, or Help Desk request.

*Services can only be cancelled from the Customer Portal.

*You must be logged in to your account to request a cancellation.

  1. Click "Manage My Cloud". It is the far right button of the four buttons on the home page.  This will take you to the list of your products and services
  2. All your product and services will be listed
  3. Select the service you wish to cancel by clicking "View Details"
  4. To search for your product, use the search box in the dark blue bar under "My Products & Services"
  5. Select that service by clicking the green "Active" button
  6. On the left hand menu, under "Actions", select "Request Cancellation"
  7. Please provide a brief explanation for cancellation.
  8. Select when you want the cancellation to take effect
  9. Click the red "Request Cancellation" button.

Metisentry Staff will be notified of your request and your account will be updated appropriately.



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